Today, the internet is filled with a plethora of entertainment videos. While there is still a good variety of videos that you can watch to entertain yourself, yet they all are similar in some way or the other. Most of the videos you find on the internet are like something that you have already seen. There is a lack of totally new types of content. But what’s stopping us from being more creative? What if you are bored of similar types of videos? Well, it seems like we have a solution for you. If you are a person who wants to see different types of videos; if you are a person who enjoys out of the world thoughts and bizarre stuff, then you are at the right place today. 

Surreal Short Videos!

Welcome to Surreal Creativity TV! Comedy, creativity and weird stuff, what do you get when you mix these three things? You get an impactful dose of surreal entertainment! And this is what this channel is all about. This channel is about letting our minds run free and wild, think bizarrely and out of the world, and mix all this with a striking sense of humour to deliver you some of the most different types of entertainment videos. 

Let’s see some amazing videos from this channel!

This video is about a cute panda. He is a pet and he loves to take rest at many different places in his owner’s home. He is always trying to adjust to new places and take a sweet nap. But what are all the places where he can have a sleep? Any guesses? Well, I bet you can’t guess, because, like his owner, this panda has a bizarre thought process :D. So let’s find out together by watching this video.

This is another very bizarre and, what I can say, a very humorously silly video. This video starts with a very natural plot of two friends playing a poker match. While talking to each other, they use common words associated with the game of poker. But it seems like they also have a totally bizarre thought process like the panda above. They interpret these common words in a totally out of the world sense and do all kinds of unthinkable stuff. Well, it can’t be described anymore with words as it’s too different from what we usually see. Watch the video now and find out for yourself what’s too bizarre about these friends. 

This youtube channel has totally different types of videos as compared to what we usually see. One word to describe these videos – “eccentric comedy”! If you like this type of stuff, you must subscribe to this channel as you won’t find this type of content anywhere else. Also tell us what you think about these videos by writing in the comments section.