The world is a big place to live in. That’s because our world is full of life and there is so much happening around every corner of the world that it is difficult to know all of them. In our world, there is a lot of knowledge to seek and many important news and political events to catch up with. We can’t know all of them, but we can surely know about some of them and particularly the important ones.

And why only knowledge stuff, there are things happening in various different fields as well. Many new movies are produced every day and many new songs. Many amazing games are launched and some like PUBG catches everyone’s attention. People in different occupations make different products everyday. And people from different cultures live and celebrate their life differently all across the world everyday. 

We can’t obviously catch up with all of them. But here’s a great youtube channel that brings to us some of the best entertaining and educating vlogs from across the world and from their own family as well.

Cali Family vlogs is a youtube channel that brings to you everything that this family believes is entertaining or worth knowing. They bring to us a lot of interesting moments from their own life. Like a get together with family and friends, playing video games or sports together, celebrating cultural events, making amazing stuff and so much more. Plus they also bring to us many interesting and educational videos from across the world like the movie trailers that they love, politics and important current affairs that they think are important, some random knowledge stuff and so much more!

So let’s check out some amazing videos from this channel!

This is a video from this channel which is about a great Punjabi movie Panchhi. It’s a great movie with an IMDB rating of 8 out of 10. The Cali family shares this movie trailer with us because they liked it a lot. The story is about a psychologically distressed character named Pachnni who yearns for happiness in his life. His life, however, takes an unexpected turn when he is accused of murdering the same girl he loves.

This is another amazing video from this channel which shares with us the lesser known and fascinating process of making a gold ring. A lot of people love to wear gold jewellery but only a few of them have any idea about how it’s actually made. Watch the video to know all the secrets of its making!

This is a great youtube channel for anyone who likes to watch light hearted entertainment and education videos. So watch these videos and also share your thoughts about them by writing in the comments below.