Life is one amazing journey that we all live. And it’s your duty to make it worth it. Having as many amazing experiences as life has to offer and doing as many productive things as possible. I think one thing that every life form cherishes and wants to experience the most is delicious food. Living beings on earth are crazy about food and so am I. Different types of food, veg or non veg, local or exotic, creamy and crunchy, taste is my weakness. 

But it’s important to eat right as well because that is where the health of our body comes from. It’s important to eat healthy, keep what we eat away from diseases and keep our eating organs, i.e., the mouth and the teeth healthy. Health is wealth, and this is what going to keep us productive in life and allow us to do better in business and in every other sphere. 

And guess what! I just discovered a great youtube channel that brings amazing food experiences to all of us along with many health and productivity tips. Let’s check it out.

Tooth Soap is a youtube channel cum vlog by Gabriala Brown, a businesswoman and founder at Tooth Soap®. She loves to do valuable stuff in her life and that’s why created a tooth care brand to help people maintain better tooth health. She also uses her knowledge of food and ingredients to give us many health tips on youtube. 

Teeth are a really important part of your life. Not only do they affect how our smile looks, but they affect our health as well. Teeth help us properly chew our food and they also touch everything we eat. Improper or decayed teeth can thus result in improper digestion and contamination of food. Gabriala talks with the chemistry professor to bring us some really helpful advice for maintaining dental health. Watch the video to know more.

Apart from these, she adores tasty food and shares with us many Mukbang videos as well. 

She loves to share her important personal life moments with us along with life and business tips from her own experience, so you can expect a lot of interesting vlogs on this channel. 

This is a really great youtube channel for anybody who wants to live their best life. This channel brings us a lot of interesting videos, so just watch all of them, eat delicious food, take care of your health and be productive.