Everyone desires to be happy, to progress, and to move forward in their lives. To some people, life may be really easy and to others, it may be difficult. But the key to living a happy life is not to be lucky, but it is to always have a positive attitude, to understand the importance of what you already have, and to always be excited about learning new things. 

There are so many new things to learn and explore in life. And so many things to do. You can be cooking, you can be travelling, you can do art or craft, you can celebrate a festival, or just spend some fun time with family and friends. And you don’t have to be specially gifted or very lucky to do any of these. Anyone can live a happy and productive life. And to help you live such a life, here we have found a great youtube vlog for you. Checkout Nayab Nalla!

Nayab Nalla is a youtube channel cum vlog that is all about living a fulfilled life. In this channel, you will find a lot of motivation videos and self improvement lessons that will help you overcome the difficulties of life. You will also find videos to help you improve your everyday productivity like time management, losing weight and so on. But life is not only about beating difficulties and becoming more productive. It is about participating in the life around us. And that’s why this channel also brings you a lot of cooking videos and some travel videos as well. 

So let’s start living a better life and see some amazing videos from this channel!

This is a very inspirational video from this channel that talks about the meaning of happiness. Everybody wants to be happy in their life, but not everybody is. We see some people with lots of wealth and still, they are unhappy, on the other hand, we see some very poor people living happily with their families. So why is this and what actually brings happiness? Uncover these secrets and more in this video. The video also features a vlog about Nayab doing her grocery shopping, to give you some entertainment after a life lesson.

This is an amazing cooking video from this channel. Nayab has invited some guests to her home for a “daawat.” Daawat is a special feast that is organised to commemorate any happy occasion, and it is a time when the entire family gathers to eat together. In this video, she shows us how she cooks and prepares many delicious recipes for the arriving guests.

If you want to improve yourself as a person and improve the way you look at life, then this youtube channel has many great videos that you should definitely check out. So watch these incredible videos and let us know what you think about them in the comments thread below.