Cooking is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding activities. It gives the cook enormous satisfaction in being able to create something wonderful, as well as being a fun hobby and stress-relieving exercise. For the person who eats, it satisfies his hunger and also gives him a delightful taste that tantalises his tongue.

Cooking is about more than just preparing meals and satiating hunger. Cooking, in fact, is a form of art. The cook has a lot of creative freedom in terms of what he can do with his dish. As a result, the types of meals and cooking styles change with chef, culture and location. Afghan cuisine is a great example of variety with culture and location. Afghan cuisine is delectable; specialties include kebabs and BBQs; their rice is delicious with a unique flavour; everything is neither too spicy nor too hot, just perfect. 

If you are a person who loves cooking and afhangi food, plus want to complement your cooking skills by learning new recipes, here’s a perfect youtube channel for you.

AFGHAN FOOD PLUS is a youtube channel that is all about making delicious recipes and afghan food. The cook behind these videos has over 20 years of experience in cooking. His friends love his recipes a lot and inspired by their appreciation and his background in videography as well, he created this youtube channel to share his amazing recipes with all of us. On this channel, you’ll find many recipe videos of afghan cuisines plus many other cuisines as well, all shown in a very easy to cook manner with proper ingredients and steps.

Let’s try some mouth-watering recipes from this channel!

Everybody loves that luscious texture and spicy taste of chicken. This cook makes it even more amazing with his own unique way of cooking. He makes his chicken crispier, and uses some special ingredients to enhance its taste and colour as well. Watch the video to know it all.

A great thing about his channel is that it has a lot of variety. You can find recipes for dinner, breakfast and quick snack ideas, here are drinks, sweet recipes and spicy recipes, veg and non veg recipes, traditional and international recipes, recipes for your different moods and much more! Plus he adds many news recipes every week, so you will always have something new to try and taste.

Checkout this recipe of afghani style snacks. You will surely love it. 

The videos on this channel are worth your time if you’re a foodie and love cooking a lot. So if you are interested in learning many new and amazing recipes, then do watch these videos and also share your thoughts about them in the comments section below.