Do you want your kids to grow fast, learn a lot of things and develop a charming personality? Do you want your kids to grow up to become a confident, successful and a gracious person? Then you should know that the best age at which you can sow the seeds of all these qualities in them is their childhood itself!

At a small age, kids have a brain that is very adaptive and that’s why it is the best age to learn new things and develop a great personality. Their brain is also fresh and free from the experiences of the world. They barely know anything about the world and that is what makes them extremely curious and always eager to learn new things. Due to all these reasons, the environment and surroundings in which people spend their childhood have a big impact on their personality throughout their life. So if you want to make your child learn new things and develop the right personality, here is a good youtube channel for your kids to learn and grow together.

Fun activities for kids to grow & develop

DesiKids Cook & Review is a youtube channel that is by the kids and for the kids. The main goal of this channel is to empower children by allowing them to develop the confidence to speak and try out new things, while also learning several new things and gathering more knowledge in a fun and creative way. This channel actually started as a cooking and restaurant review channel by kids so that they can develop their speaking and cooking skills. But over time, this channel has evolved to make several other types of videos as well, focusing on the overall development of our kids.

In this channel you will find:

  • Videos on kids making easy and fun dishes, and videos of reviews of restaurants by them.
  • Videos about many fun games like Ludo and Candyland, that also help kids develop their mental skills. 
  • Several fun and creative activities for your kids like reading poems and stories, playing music, doing tattoos, dancing and so on.
  • Videos on knowledge stuff like general knowledge, maths, and so on.

All these activities and stuff that you find videos about on this channel are really amazing. That’s because they help your child grow their minds and develop a better personality all while having fun and enjoying themselves. 

If you have kids in your home, and you want them to be better every day, this channel has really good videos to start with. So get your kids to watch them, and if they like them, then don’t forget to subscribe to this channel and also tell us about your experience in the comments below.