Do you have a passion for cooking and all you think about is to be able to make delicious recipes? Or you don’t have that passion, but may be today is just a special day and you need to cook something great, or you just want to cheer up the mood of somebody special in your life or simply your children. 

Whether you are passionate about cooking or not. It is a necessary skill and it’s something that you may certainly need to do every now and then in your life. And it is always a good idea to have a good guide by our side to support us in our cooking adventures. So today I have a special channel for you to help you with just that!

Just Cooking With Adi is a Youtube channel by Adi. She is a passionate cook from Israel. As Covid-19 spread across the country she and her family got stuck within their house. But she decided to cheer them up with her cooking skills and is now available on youtube to help us be able to do the same.

Let’s have a look at some videos from her channel.

What’s different about these videos is that they are to the point. There are a lot of cooking channels on youtube where videos include cooking along with entertaining stuff. Now that’s not bad either because those videos have their own audience. But if you are someone who is not looking for entertainment. You have a special occasion or you have simply decided to cook today and now all you need is a good recipe, nothing else. Then you should come to this channel. 

Adi has made it super simple. She shares with us a detailed recipe along with ingredients and shows us the entire cooking process. And as I said earlier, she is to the point. She doesn’t waste time on anything and directly shows us the recipe in the form of short videos that range from 2 to 4 mins. So that we can have more time to focus on our cooking and make it perfect.

Go try this channel and watch the videos, and why not try a new recipe today! Also let me know what you think about these videos in the comments below.