Today we will go on a delicious journey to satisfy our hunger and charm our taste buds, and at the same time learn a lot of interesting things and get amazing experiences. Yes, you guessed it right! Today we will discuss an amazing youtube channel that’s dedicated to cooking, but as we will learn throughout this blog, it’s not a typical youtube channel simply teaching us recipes. This channel is much more than that, it’s like a cooking entertainment channel.

I was told about this channel by my younger brother. He is very passionate about cooking, and always wants me to take the same amount of interest in cooking videos he shows me. And as I usually don’t find such interest in those videos he gets irritated. But this time he shared with me this channel that is not just for cooking nerds, but for other people as well who love tasty food and cook occasionally.

Chef Luciano Schipano is a new channel by Luciano Schipano, a Canadian born young chef who was raised in Italy. Currently, he is a Red Seal certified chef based in Canada along with being an active member of Culinary Federation of Canada as well as the director of the Italian Federation of Chefs. He works as a personal and professional chef and explores his passion for cooking through teaching and culinary tours across Canada and Italy. He has been on several TV shows and now he is here on Youtube to share his cooking adventures and finger-kicking recipes with us.

Some interesting videos and recipes

Here is a pick of some videos from this channel that I enjoyed watching and that made me decide that i should share this channel with you guys.

Cooking Risotto For Frontline Covid Workers With The Biggest Pan In North America

This is a video from one of the culinary tours of Luciano in Toronto. As the city fights the Covid-19 outbreak, Luciano and his team steps out to spread compassion and love among the frontline workers. He cooks delicious Risotto for them and entertains them with music. At the same time he shares with us this beautiful experience along with sharing with us his perfect recipe and other interesting information.

Recipe To Make Pasta E Fagioli

In this video, Luciano shares with us his perfect recipe of making Pasta E Fagioli along with sharing with us the details of all the ingredients and even the utensils used. He has a way with words and he knows how to keep it interesting as well as simple. His way of explanation makes the recipe very easy to cook even for the people like me who only cook occasionally. He also shares with us traditions and some of his old memories associated with the recipe.

Final words

Luciano appears to be a great cook. His channel is a new one and thus has few subscribers and views as of now, but his videos have rich content along with the quality to entertain people. This makes his channel a perfect fit to be on the subscriptions list of any person who has some interest in cooking. Watch his videos for yourself and let us know what you feel about these videos in the comments section below.