Italian Chef cum Food Lover- Chef Luciano Schipano is an exciting and lovely chef who loves Italian food. He has worked in some of the best restaurants in Italy and has now come to India to share his passion for food with us. His cooking style is traditional Italian with a modern twist. 

Chef Luciano Schipano

Like all food lovers, this Italian chef also loves to share his creations and dishes. Here is his lovely YouTube channel:

Chef Luciano Schipano YT Channel

Chef Luciano Schipano is an Italian chef cum food lover. He is a multi talented chef. From chef to caterer, from food lover to culinary tourist, he has aces in all of the food zones. He has his own culinary studio i,e, Culinarium

In his YouTube channel he has shared different varieties of tasty Italian food and his innovations. If you love Italian food, then you’ll love Chef Luciano Schipano. He’s a top Italian chef who’s also a huge food lover. His passion for food is evident in everything he does, from his cooking to his writing. And it shows in the deliciousness of his dishes.

Nature of Video

The videos of Chef Luciano Schipano are genuinely the treasure of tasty food. You will find different kinds of flavour and ingredients that compliment italian food.

How to make the perfect Italian Tiramisu. Thick and Creamy


Chef Luciano grew up in, Italy and began his culinary career at a young age. He apprenticed under some of the best chefs in Italy before eventually branching out on his own. He’s worked in some of the most prestigious restaurants in Italy and abroad, including Michelin-starred establishments. But no matter where he is or what he’s doing, he always brings the unforgettable flavours of Italy with him.

Bottom Line

Italian food has its own fan base all over the world. People feel curious, happy, and enthusiastic about the italian flavours and dishes like Pizza, macaroni, and Risotto. If you are a italian food lover, check out Chef Luciano Schipano.