Cooking is not just about making food and satisfying hunger. Instead cooking is an art in itself. Instead of colours a cook uses ingredients and instead of paint brush a cook uses fire. He applies precise strokes of experience and creativity to blend all the ingredients in a masterpiece that tantalises our taste buds, excites us with aroma and delight our eyes as well. Thus, to all those who are passionate about cooking, it means a lot more than just food and hunger.

An artist has full freedom to be wildly creative and shape his art as he wants. Similarly, in cooking also, there is a lot of flexibility and freedom regarding what you can do and make. That’s why the type of foods and the style of cooking changes with change in culture, location and time. So if you are a person who is passionate about cooking, and if you want to explore the cooking around the well as well as learn some awesome cooking tricks, then you are at just the right place. 

BALRAJ SIVIA FOOD AND LIFESTYLE is a youtube channel that is all about the art of cooking. Balraj is pretty enthusiastic about cooking, travelling, and food tasting. He has over 20 years of experience in cooking international cuisine and has also been the First place winner of the Canadian BBQ competition for five times. 

He also loves travelling the world to cook and taste the cuisines of various countries and cultures. So expect some travel videos as well with lots of food and cooking involved.

So let’s check out some delicious videos from this channel!

Here’s a video in which he cooks mountain goat for us. He loves to travel around the world and try new recipes. When he found about a mountain goat recipe, it really excited him and that’s why he decided to try it out by himself in his own way. Watch the video to find more about the recipe plus all the ingredients that you will need and step by step cooking process.

Here’s another video from this channel about cooking lobster tails. Many people just love lobster tails and they also love to cook for themselves. But they face problems like cutting the tails or removing the meat. If you don’t know the right way, things can get really messy. That’s why in this video Balraj shares some easy tricks with us.

This channel has got a great bunch of videos worth watching for any cooking enthusiast. So if you are interested in cuisines and cooking then watch these videos and make something delicious today!