There are so many different aspects of life that shape our view points and thoughts, it’s almost overwhelming! From the destructive force of ego to the fiery passion of anger, every emotion has a unique impact on how we perceive ourselves and those around us. Punishment can be both feared and desired, as it represents not only consequence but also justice. Dreams inspire us to reach for the stars, while motivation keeps us moving forward even when things get tough. 

And let’s not forget worship – whether you believe in a higher power or not, there is something truly spiritual about channeling your energy into something greater than yourself. If you also have different viewpoints regarding different aspects of life, than this channel is for you guys-


Keilon is a great YouTube channel where you can brainstorm your thought processes regarding different emotions, theories, and aspects of Life. The admin has shared his view points in a very clear and concise manner through creative videos. He has picked very crucial and attention grabbing topics and concepts for his channel.


Nature of Videos

The videos of Keilon are all about unique thought processes and viewpoints and stories regarding different concepts like, Land of Makkah Idol, Dreams, Theory of Eros and Logos, Equity, Punishment and many more. Let;s check them out-

The Trojan Horse of Equity

Logos & Eros – Eros Theory

The different aspects of life like ego, anger, punishment, dreams, motivation, worship and many more are all intertwined and interconnected in ways that we may not even realize. Each aspect has its own unique perspective and viewpoint which can shape our thoughts and actions in countless ways. Keilon has shared his thoughts and theories in a very clear and concise manner. If you want to understand more about such concepts and theories, check out Keilon YouTube channel and brainstorm these concepts in more broad manner.