Today, we find vloggers all over the place, talking about any thing at anytime. Today we can find Vlogs on travel, fashion, beauty, health, lifestyle, education, and whatnot. There are in fact many vloggers who basically talk about everything and nothing in particular and people still love to watch them. Vlogs are so interesting to watch because they deliver the content in a much more personal and relatable way. Watching a normal video or reading an article feels very formal and emotionless. But vlogs feel like having a conversation with your best friend on your favourite topic. Vlogs also allow us to know people from various parts of the world and know their true opinions and personal feelings as well. Today we are going to talk about one such interesting vlog!

A Fun & Intresting Vlog!

Alicia’s Diary is a vlog on youtube through which she shares her true opinion on many things. She is a teenage girl who is just adulting and she loves to entertain and educate the world with her contents. On her vlog she talks with us on a variety of topics from important events, social issues and human rights to travel, makeup, teenage life, personal life and so on. She believes that it is important to have an open discussion and through it the world can be changed for good. Lets see some of her interesting videos.

Alicia belongs to Ghana. And in this video she talks about several problems that their country faces and how young people can unite and work together to solve them. She believes that youth has tremendous power within them and they can do big things if they are determined and work together in the right direction. Therefore young people should actively come forward and fight for everything that is wrong.

This is another interesting video from her channel in which she talks about an interesting aspect of teenage life. In this age a lot of things are different and that really excites us all. She talks about them with an open mind. She shares her personal views and also shares some facts about her own life. 

This is certainly a great youtube channel for all those who love vlogs. And for all those who love to know people from different parts of the world and people from different cultures. As it is important to have an open discussion and talk about things. It also feels great to listen to others opinions and see the world from their point of view.