By giving us life, God gave us an amazing opportunity to explore this beautiful world, receive the love of our family and friends, and do many wonderful things together. We must be grateful for life to the almighty. And at the same time, we must do all we can to make the best of our life. We must never lose hope, even in our bad times, and should always focus on what we can do on our part to make things better. 

God has given a body and mind to all of us. With these things, we can beat all the challenges in life. The only need is to mix them with faith, positivity, enthusiasm and love. Now there is no exact set of rules to live a better life. But we can always learn from other people’s experiences. And here’s a great YouTuber who shares all her experiences with us, some of which can be important life lessons!

Abiolabygrace is a youtube channel cum vlog that is all about believing in God, believing in ourselves, and living a better life. On her vlog, Abiola shares with us many of her life experiences to help us live a better life. She is a true devotee of God, so you will find many prayer videos and videos about what God teaches us. Along with these you will also find videos on a variety of topics like self improvement, dealing with stress, health, love, parenting, cooking and so on. 

So let’s stop talking and see some videos from her channel right now! 

This is a really amazing video from this channel in which Abiola talks about being a better parent. In today’s world, it’s not really easy to be a parent. The women have ambitions and they have to manage both the family and work life. Plus the world has become more competitive than ever. Kids need to grow faster and better to be able to stand in this competitive world. That’s why Abiola shares some of her personal experiences of being a mother and shares with us some of the tricks she uses to make it easier for her.

This is one of the prayer videos from this channel. Abiola has a deep faith in God and no matter how busy her life gets. She always finds some time for her prayers every day. These prayers keep her grateful in good times and strong in tough times. Watch the video to see how she prays plus some of the interesting things she discusses with us.

This is a really great youtube channel for anybody who wants to learn from the experiences of other people and live a better life. So must check out these videos and do share your thoughts with us in the comments area below.