Abiola, a vibrant Nigerian Youtuber based in the bustling city of Lagos, shines brightly as the creator behind the popular YouTube channel titled ABIOLA VLOGS. With her infectious energy and relatable content, she effortlessly captures the hearts of her viewers worldwide. Juggling the roles of a dedicated mother to two adorable kids, Anuoluwapo and Emmanuel, Abiola beautifully blends family life with her passion for creating engaging videos.


Nature of Abiola Vlogs

Abiloa Vlogs are based on Lifestyle niche. At her channel she shares From fun family outings to insightful parenting tips, her channel is a treasure trove of heartwarming moments and valuable advice. Through her lens, viewers get a glimpse into the joys and challenges of modern parenthood while also immersing themselves in the vibrant culture of Nigeria. 


Glimpse of Vlogs

The videos of Abiola Vlogs are family oriented, creative, unique, warm, and enjoyable by nature. With each upload, Abiola continues to inspire and connect with viewers worldwide through her genuine storytelling and infectious energy. Let’s have a glimpse of some of her vlogs-

NIGERIAN MARKET VLOG| WHAT N200K GOT ME IN APRIL 2024 | A jollof rice love story

Motherhood and all that good stuff

With an unwavering passion for all things culinary, fashion-forward living, aesthetically pleasing interiors, and efficient space management, ABIOLA VLOGS sets out to inspire and delight viewers with an array of creative content that is both informative and entertaining.



As a devoted mother of two adorable kids – Anuoluwapo and Emmanuel – she seamlessly balances the demands of family life with her dedication to producing high-quality content for her loyal viewers. Whether she’s whipping up delicious recipes in the kitchen, sharing tips on how to create a stylish living space, or offering insights on how to stay organized amidst the chaos of everyday life, Abiola’s videos are both informative and entertaining. Join her on this exciting journey as she explores the intersection of food, lifestyle, home decor & organizing through ABIOLA VLOGS.