Flo Pereria is a famous lifestyle blogger from Argentina. She is 28 years old and started her blog back in 2010 as a personal diary, where she wrote about everything that interested her and her feelings and opinions. Gradually she continued to improve her blog and writing style and focused more on her favourite subjects including trends, fashion, travel and photography. And by 2015 her blog became one of the most read lifestyle blogs of Argentina. By the same time she also started her spanish youtube channel on similar topics. Recently she also started her youtube channel in english as well, which is the channel that we are going to discuss further in this blog.

Flo Pereira is a youtube channel that came by in 2019. It is, as we said, an offshoot from a lifestyle and fashion blog, but it is no way limited to them. While lifestyle and fashion are the main themes, Flo Pereira also talks about a variety of topics, some of which you can see in the image above. However we can put most of her videos in the category of life guides. Her videos are practical and fun to watch guides on a variety of everyday topics like how to be more productive, how to plan and manage better, how to learn a new language, how to work online and grow on social platforms, travel guides, book guides, advice from personal experience and life and much more.

Let’s have a look at some of her videos-

In this video, Flo talks about practical aspects of moving to a new country, which she has derived from her own practical experiences. I watched this video and found it a must watch for whoever is planning to travel to a new country because she talks about various challenges that people generally do not discuss or know about, but realize them only when they have taken this big step of moving to a new country. But it is always better to know everything in advance before making such big decisions.

This is another of her videos in which she talks about how she plans and organises various things in her life and for each day as well to stay productive. She also shared the top five tools that she uses to organise her tasks everyday to boost productivity.

The best part of her videos is that, in spite of being a guide to improve our life, they don’t sound like a teacher-student or mentor-mentee conversation at all. In fact, they sound and feel like a friend to friend conversation and very casual. On top of this, these videos have a tint of entertainment as well. So just watch these videos. Even if you don’t have anything particular in mind, just watch these videos and you will surely learn something new and exciting out of them.