Millions of people all over the world are huge fans of professional wrestling. Pro wrestling is one of the most watched and attended types of live entertainment today. It has a strong hold on the public’s imagination. The athleticism is astounding, the storytelling can be phenomenal, and it’s the most authentic type of live entertainment there is. Fights like “The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels” or “Kazuchika Okada vs. Kenny Omega” can make you laugh, wince, and even shed a tear, all at the same time. They are indeed of such high quality.

The characters that are larger than life, squaring up against one another in a battle like good versus evil, the drama, the action, the emotions, and everything else. Everything, including the music, the entrances,  the characters,  and the promotions, leads to the formation of vivid moments and feelings that the audience can identify with.

Many people like pro wrestling so much that they don’t just want to watch it but be a part of it as well. And for all such people, WWE games are here. And here is a youtube channel if you love those games!

No_your_role_sucka!!!! is a youtube channel that is all about gaming and wrestling. Sucka loves to play games and pro-wrestling is his favourite. On his youtube channel, he posts a lot of videos from the WWE 2K22 game and the related pro-wrestling stuff. You will find many gameplay videos, walkthrough videos, and review videos along with some tips and tricks videos.

There are many amazing videos on this channel, so let’s check out some of them right now!

This video features a gameplay scene from the professional wrestling video game known as WWE 2K22 It was released by Visual Concepts in the year 2022. The game boasts incredible control options, high-quality visuals, and interesting customization possibilities. There are around two hundred different characters on the roster, spanning from current WWE Superstars to Legends who’ve been pioneers in the industry.

CAWs for WWE 2K22 provide you with the ability to add any wrestler you choose to the game’s roster, whether they be from the present day or from years gone by.  CAW is an abbreviation for create-a-wrestler, and WWE 2K22 allows you to save up to 100 of them. You can create your own or download it easily from the community collection.

This is an amazing youtube channel for anybody who is interested in playing games. Particularly if you are a fan of wrestling games, then this channel is just made for you. So watch these videos and share your thoughts in the comments below.