The people of modern times have no time to spare. It’s like we want to achieve and experience so much more in our lifetime now. And it’s not wrong. Because we all get only one life to live. And that’s why we want to do more in the less time we have. We want to gain wealth, we want to gain knowledge, we want to have adventures, we want to have fun and entertainment, and so much more.

When we want fun and entertainment, playing games and watching movies are one of the best ways to do it. Modern games and movies have become so good using sophisticated technology that they can give us a sense of adventure and experience like never before. On the other hand, when we talk about gaining wealth and knowledge, and achieving our goals, the most important things are inspiration and mindset. A highly inspired man who works with the right mindset can achieve anything in his life. 

So if you are looking for a youtube channel that brings you everything from entertainment to inspiration at the same place, then you are at the right place!

Kenjerich is an amazing youtube channel that brings you lots of amazing entertainment and motivation all at one place. So you don’t have to search from channel to channel on youtube for your video needs. 

In this channel you will find a lot of gaming and gameplay videos. There are live streams and interesting commentary videos as well. Occasionally you will also find reviews of interesting movies and webseries. 

Check out this interesting movie review video of Marvel’s recent web series Hawk Eye. The marvel phase 4 is experiencing a down time where a lot of its recent movies and series are not receiving favourable response from the audience. After the Marvel Avengers, the expectations of audiences are high and Marvel is constantly failing to deliver. But will this change with the release of Hark Eye? Find out more about the series in the above video.

Apart from entertainment videos, this channel also brings a lot of life advice videos for us. And they are really great for achieving our goals in life. Check out this amazing life advice video below!

This video talks about the side effects of planning too much. The work is only completed by action and not by plans. It is true that a good plan plays a big role in achieving your goals. But there is a catch. There is a difference between a good plan and a perfect plan. Perfection does not exist. If you are trying to make a perfect plan, you will always be planning and never doing. Find out more in the above video.

Overall it is an amazing youtube channel with the thrill of gaming, fun with commentaries and reviews and guidance with the right mindset. There are many amazing videos on this channel, so just watch them all, have fun and do better in life.