The world of gaming has never been as exciting as it is today. With the advancements in graphics technology and machine learning, modern games have become capable of delivering a very enriching experience. And for those who are adventure lovers and have a passion for games, there are many games out there today that have thrilling gameplay and amazing graphics. One of such games is the Grand Theft Auto or GTA, a remarkable game whose thrill never expires. 

GTA still lies at the heart of games even after so many years of its launch. And that’s because of its ability to constantly update itself, and give the players a sense of real life adventures, where they deal with new challenges everyday. And if you are a passionate gamer who is crazy about GTA and similar other adventurous games, then you have come to the right place. Because we have found a great youtube channel for you!

DustyOrchid057 is a gaming-focused YouTube channel created for people who are serious gamers. The DustyOrchid is an avid gamer himself and this channel will take you through the thrilling journey of Grand Theft Auto cities where you will be able to feel the challenge and adventure of each mission. You will see some of the best and uncut gameplay moments, where you will also learn some cool tricks and strategies to beat the mission. 

The above video is one of his most amazing GTA gameplays. Watch the video to feel the thrill right now. But wait! Apart from gameplays and strategies, this channel also brings to you videos about various important updates of GTA, videos about the bugs in the game and what needs to be better and so much more.

But wait a bit further! This channel is not just about GTA. As we said earlier that the youtube channel we have discovered is for those who are crazy about GTA and other adventure games. And this is indeed one such channel. This channel also brings to you gameplays of many other adventure games such as The Division – an action packed role playing shooting game, Red Dead Redemption – an action and survival game and many more! 

Plus there’s still more. This channel also brings you videos on some of the new and exciting games that you can play to kill time and enjoy. Overall this channel offers a lot of valuable content for any passionate gamer on earth. So if you are one of them, just watch these videos, and also share your gaming experiences with us in the comments below.