FirestoneGamer 182 YouTube Channel came into existence on April 30, 2020, and the Youtuber is from Saudi Arabia. There are various creative, fun, and adventurous gaming live stream videos available on this YouTube channel. This channel has superb gaming videos, interesting that can never let you be bored. Moreover, you can learn a lot from these games, and one example is the Microsoft flight simulator.

About Firestone Gamer 182 YouTube Channel

That is a YouTube channel for game lovers. The channel is rapidly growing its subscribers with time. The best thing is that Firestone Gamer brings different games in the videos. So, you can explore new games which you have never played before through this channel. Firestone gamer has made videos on Minecraft, Red dead redemption, Saudi Boeing 787 10 Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Full Flight, GTX 1050 Ti Test in 10 PS4 Games, Fortnite full Galactus event, Sea of thieves, full imposer gameplay, and so on. The videos are posted frequently on the channel.

Videos I Liked the Most 

All the videos are related to gaming. Each video is amazing, but a few are just matchless, which I like the most it seems that you are watching a movie and time flies. The best gaming videos that you can find on YouTube are given below.

Minecraft House Built-in Water

Let us first talk about Minecraft, and it is one of the most versatile games of all time. It is an amazing experience of making buildings and exploring crafting things. Some challenges are too simple and too complex. Achieving those challenges is real fun. One of my favorite gaming videos, Minecraft House Built-in Water, is on FirestoneGamer 182 YouTube channel. It is a live stream video in which the YouTuber has made a beautiful house underwater using the amazing tools in Minecraft. Everything is just fascinating, from the construction of the floor walls and roof to the decoration of the house. You know about the game if you have played, but if not, you can explore what magic you can perform with the amazing features of the game.

Red Dead Redemption 2 episode 2

Do you like playing adventurous and thrilling games, then you must be aware of Red Dead Redemption? Red Dead Redemption live stream video, the player, controls John Martson and completes the set mission in the game. That is the unique video, and it is more like you are watching a movie scene. I enjoyed this live stream gaming video; the graphics, music, and gameplay everything in the video was more than just outstanding. Playing this video game is even more fun. A game lover cannot resist these kinds of videos. Specifically, in this gaming video, the amazing part is the location, horse riding, hunting, and the conversation. That is one of the most-watched gaming videos on this YouTube Channel.

Saudia Boeing 787 10 Dream liner Riyadh Dubai Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Full Flight


Saudi Boeing 787 10 Dreamliner, Microsoft Flight Simulator, is one hour and fifty minutes long video, but this will not let you bore for a second. That is not just a game but information about how a plane prepares, take off, fly in the air and so on. By watching this video, you feel like you are a pilot taking all the plane controls. With the help of augmented reality, the game has been created. This video taught me about the activities pilot performs while handling any flight. I have never had such a great and informative experience before from a gaming video. The background communication voices and sounds of the plane make you feel everything real. That is the most informative and super cool video that I have ever found on YouTube. Those who want to become a pilot or fly the plane should watch this live streaming video and learn about the game.