If you take a look at the world as it is right now, you’ll notice that the use of technology in everyday life is more prevalent than it has ever been. The benefits of this phenomenon include having access to the world’s information nearly instantaneously, as well as the modern conveniences offered by smart devices. When there is so much good that can be derived from technology, it can be difficult to accept the fact that there are potential dangers hiding behind every gadget and platform. Nevertheless, despite the optimistic view that society has of technological advancements, the cyber security risks posed by modern technology are a very real hazard.

The protection of all different kinds of data from being stolen or lost is an essential function of cybersecurity. Included in this are private information, health information, intellectual property, data, personal information, and information systems used by both businesses and governments. And if you want to learn more about cybersecurity and enhance your abilities, here’s an excellent channel on YouTube that you should check out.

Infosec live is a youtube channel that is here to help you raise your game in cyber security. Their channel has got a lot of amazing tutorials and walkthroughs to help you understand the details of cybersecurity, improve your skills and be better protected. This youtube channel is also  packed with interviews from experts in the field of cybersecurity along with exciting new live streams and new updates coming in the field of cybersecurity every week.

Lets see some interesting videos from this channel!

Are you looking for a career in cybersecurity? The Advisory CISO at Akamai Technologies is Steve Winterfeld. He aids in deciding where Akamai should concentrate the capabilities of its security platform. What kind of career categories fit your skills and temperament will be discussed in this session. Then, consider how to structure your career. Finally, it will discuss how to expand your skill set to land the job you want, including how to do so. In order to prevent you from developing your own, Steve is willing to reveal his extensive scar tissue from both the hiring and job-seeking sides.

Here’s an interesting tutorial video from this channel. An in-depth and individualised infrastructure scan performed by Ronin will reveal all of the configuration flaws and server-level security vulnerabilities that exist on your servers. It provides a complete examination of weaknesses, because you shouldn’t leave anything to chance.

Overall it’s a great youtube channel for those looking for a career in cybersecurity and for those who want to upskill themselves in this field.