Are you a fan of science fiction? If yes then you are just like me! Science fiction isn’t just imagination and story, it’s a sum of all our fantasies about the future and everywhere the advanced technology might lead us to. Look 100 years back; the life we live now is already like science fiction for that time. From this, you can imagine what life will be like 100 years from now. And if you can’t just wait for that much, just try your hands on modern video games. 

Today’s hi-tech video games have the capability to let you live a life in future. With advanced physics simulation, realistic sound generation and breathtaking graphics, modern video games can take you to the advanced world of the future. You can visit an alien world and explore it, fight battles with advanced weapons, build intergalactic spaceships or in fact whatnot. And if these words make you excited already, then just check out this amazing youtube channel which doubles the excitement with many futuristic games!

The Fried Industry is a youtube channel fully dedicated to hi-tech science fiction games.  The channel is by Fry, who is an educator and a businessman by profession but has a lot of interest in sci-fi games. Currently, he is interested in science fiction, exploration and survival in new alien worlds, creating projects and managing operations, strategy making and intergalactic battles, and similar topics. And he made this youtube channel to bring to us many advanced games and exciting gameplays related to these topics.

Let’s check out some really adventurous videos from this channel!

Star Citizen is a fantastic game that puts the utmost control into the hands of the player. And one time you’re working your way as a cargo transporter, at other times you are exploring the expanse of space, or scratching out a living illegally, meeting with a range of individuals to make friends and fighting battles with foes, Star Citizen puts you in charge. Watch the video to see the exciting gameplay. 

Dune: Spice Wars is a real time strategy video game that is based in the groundbreaking Dune Universe by Frank Herbert. Here you are in charge of a battle faction which you must lead and fight for authority and supremacy over the harsh planet of Arrakisa as well as the Spice, the most precious substance in the entire universe that is only found on Arrakisa. Watch the video to know more about it.

This is really a great youtube channel for any fan of science fiction and adventurous games. Just watch these videos and begin your journey to the advanced realms of the future!