We all want to move forward in our life and become a successful person. We all want to live a good life, a life of our dreams in which we have become the type of person we desire and have achieved what we always wanted to. With big dreams in our hearts we all fight a daily struggle with life to make it better. But life is not so easy and it constantly puts us up with new difficulties in the path of what we want to achieve. Sometimes we lack knowledge and skills to overcome the difficulties. At other times we may have the necessary skills but we simply feel down dealing with our own psychological issues like demotivation, bad habits, etc. However, today, we have a perfect youtube channel that has all the tips to help you tackle these problems and move forward in your life. 

Move forward in life

Andre Chandra – Indonesia Forward! Is a youtube channel by Andre. He is a success enthusiast and motivational speaker with deep and diverse knowledge of various fields. On his youtube channel you will find various videos on personal growth, finance,  success and leadership. His videos are interesting to watch and the knowledge he shares is priceless. Best of all, he tells us everything in terms of easy to understand principles and has the ability to make even the toughest concepts sound easier and simpler. Lets watch some videos from his channel.

In this video Andre shares with us some really useful tips to build emotional intelligence or EQ. In the modern world EQ is more important than IQ. Because with the rapid advancements in technology there are robots and artificial intelligence everywhere to do the intelligent and smart work. But what these machines lack and will always lack is emotions – which is the supreme power of us humans. How to manage our emotions and use them to connect better with this world and harness our best ability is what emotional intelligence is all about and Andre shares some easy and really practical tips with us to master that.

In this video Andre shares some practical tips to attract more customers and build a lifelong relationship with them. If you own a business, getting more sales and reaching more customers is probably your biggest concern. But with the rapid changes in the business environment and  intense competition on board to fight for customers’ attention, traditional strategies are not sufficient anymore. Andre shares with us some of those strategies and tips that are more suited to the modern business environment and has a stronger appeal to the customers.

The above two videos are just a glimpse of what big pool of knowledge this channel has for us to dive in. So if you want to be a better version of yourself and make progress in life, do watch all its videos and share with us your experiences in the comments below.