Money is a really important asset to have in present times. Everybody wants to earn a lot of money because it can bring them a better life. But when it comes to earning money, most people find starting their own business difficult. It involves developing a product, persuading the customers, fighting the competitors and so much more. That’s why they stick to the easy option. They get a job for themselves. But ask yourself if you are really satisfied with your job. While a job may give you a good salary it can never give you the financial freedom you desire. 

Financial freedom is something only businessmen enjoy, and if you believe in yourself, then you can do it too! The modern world is the era of technology which already offers a lot of business opportunities, side hustles and passive income opportunities. All you need is good guidance coupled with determination and hard work. Now while hard work is something you have to do on your own, for guidance you can approach an entrepreneur or just check out this amazing youtube channel we discovered recently!

Elnaz Sarraf | Silicon Valley CEO is a youtube channel made with the aim to guide people in becoming better entrepreneurs and improving their finances. Elnaz is a successful entrepreneur, innovator, and mentor in Silicon Valley. Currently she is serving as the CEO of  ROYBI Robot, a multi-million dollar company that helps students in study. She is really passionate about assisting innovators and entrepreneurs in their startup journey, which is why she created this channel to assist others in expanding their enterprises.

On this youtube channel, you will find several videos on new business ideas, money making ideas, tips to improve your finance and investments, videos on the booming cryptocurrency and metaverse sector, plus many other videos to complement your knowledge about the current business environment.

So let’s take a step toward fulfilling our ambitions. Here are some videos that you should check out right now!

This I think is the best video to begin with. When you start a business, you can just get up and start selling. There are many processes involved like market research, product development, legal formalities and much more. Watch the video to get all the basic knowledge about the process required and how to do them. 

Here’s another great video for you. Whether you have a business or job, investing your savings in the right financial assets is among the most important things that can improve your finances. A good investment plan can change your life. Watch the video to know about some of the latest investment options to generate passive income.

This channel has many insightful videos that can help you to earn more money from your business as well as to properly invest the money you have earned to generate better returns. So if you want to start a business, boost its growth, or just want to invest better, you should definitely check out this channel.