Accountants are responsible for collecting and analysing financial data; as a result, they are an essential component of any organisation that aspires to maintain its operations over the long term. If an organisation does not have accountants that can effectively collect, evaluate, and provide financial data to the leadership team, then that organisation will likely make strategic errors. Because of this, accountants are considered to be essential members of nearly any organisation. It maintains accurate records of everything and lets management arrive at well-informed decisions, which eventually leads to the success of the organisation.

Developing better accounting skills is immensely important in the present day world. It can give a big shot to your career as good accounting skills are much in demand. And if you want to improve your accounts then here’s a great YouTube channel for you to check out!

Accounting Feed

ACCOUNTING FEED is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing its viewers with accounting knowledge that is not only appropriate for accounting students, but also for accounting professionals who are looking for practical solutions to the challenges they face on a daily basis in their work. There are a lot of videos  that can help you improve your accounting skills, which will help you further your career if you are still in school and also provide you more practical experience if you are already working.

Let’s check out some interesting videos from this channel!

A cash flow statement is one of the most important accounting reports of the company. It provides a lot of valuable data and measures the profitability, strength,  and the long term possibilities of an organization. Learn in detail about how to prepare it in the above video.

Who are all the users of financial information? This is really important to know for any accountant. If you are going to make accounts then you must know the point of views of the users of this information. The accounts must be made and presented in a manner that makes it easiest for the users to find out what they want. Find out more in the above video.

Overall this YouTube channel has many videos on several accountancy topics and concepts which attempts to improve your practical knowledge and not just bookish learning. So just watch these videos and start improving your accounting skills today.