Money is a really valuable thing to have in the present day world. Everyone strives to become wealthy since doing so guarantees them a higher standard of living. However earning money is not very easy as there is huge competition in every field of occupation right now. Today, to earn more money, you don’t just need to have skills, but you need to be smart. And you need to know about smarter ways of generating revenue in modern times. 

But there is more to finance than just earning more money. Another equally important factor is how you use the money you already have. Sometimes, in fact, many times, it is also about managing the resources you have. How you spend, how you save and particularly how you invest, make a lot of difference in your financial situation. 

And if you are a person who is actively looking forward to learning about smarter ways to earn money as well as spend, save and invest properly, then here’s a great YouTube channel that you should definitely check out!

Navigating Money Shorts

Navigating Money Shorts is a YouTube channel that imparts knowledge on financial matters that are important to you and that may actually change your life. In this channel, you will find many videos about everything personal finance, money-saving tips, smarter investment ideas for modern times, and much more. You will learn about how to spend wisely, and invest safely while generating good returns as well. 

You can also know about interesting facts about social concepts like Marxism. Marxism is a social, political, and economic theory originated by Karl Marx, which focuses on the struggle between capitalists and the working class. So let’s checkout some interesting facts about Marxism from this channel right now!

Inflation is probably the biggest enemy of every person who strives to become wealthy. Inflation destroys the value of money and discourages people from saving their money. It not only drives up prices but also reduces the value of retirement funds, savings accounts, and Treasury notes. Overall, inflation hits you from every financial angle and it gets difficult to survive. However there are some ways to tackle it, ways that really work.

Robert Kiyosaki went on gold standards in 1972. It was a big step in economy for the netizens. Gold standards have boost the economy. Check out here in this amazing YouTube shorts:

Debt is a disguise which feels really good when you get the money in your hand. But when it’s time to pay it back, then only you realise that you have been trapped. Loans can be really helpful in certain situations, but as soon as you become reckless about taking credit, your chances of falling in a debt trap increases manifold. Learn more about smarter ways to avoid debt in this video.

Navigating Money Shorts is a great YouTube channel for anybody seeking help with personal finance. Better financial knowledge and methods have huge potential and can actually change your life. So watch all the amazing shorts videos on this channel and improve your financial situation today!