Music is something that everyone enjoys listening to no matter what their age, stage or situation in life is. It is something to dance to, it is something that enables us to let go and simply enjoy the moment, and it is something to listen to whether we are by ourselves or in any other circumstance. Music is a language in itself. A language of emotion, expressed with beautiful rhythms, which is loved and understood by all of us.

Add a lot of words to music and you get a rap song. Rap artists play with words. It’s like they put all their emotions, energy, passion and rhythms as well in those words. The rhythmic lyrics can be very engaging, and entertaining as well, which can tell a story or inspire people. Rap music is also really simple to dance to. The beats are really infectious, and the words will move you on their own. And if you love beautiful music and amazing rap songs, then here’s a good youtube channel for you!

Breezy Propane is a youtube channel dedicated to groovy music. The artist has a deep love and passion for music which reflects in his songs as well. He is already available on all major streaming platforms but due to the love of his fans, he also decided to start his youtube channel to bring all of his best songs to the fans around the world and interact with them in a more personal manner. This channel features a number of catchy rap songs as well as a selection of other songs that are sure to become some of your favourites to listen to. 

Here is an amazing song from his channel. Music lovers should check it out right now!

The musician takes his work with great sincerity and devotes a significant amount of time in perfecting each song before bringing it online for all of us. He uploads a great song every few months as of now, and he promises that he will continue to produce new songs so that he can keep his fans interested and entertained.

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I love rap songs because of how much they allow us to express our emotions. Rap focuses on lyrics and emotions and it’s about the words that an artist chooses, the accent and the energy that he puts in them, and the rhythm that accompanies it all. 

These are the things that allow us to relate so much to a rap song and this artist has the skill to put all these elements into his songs. That’s why his songs are amazing and anybody who is passionate about music should definitely check out this channel. So listen to these amazing songs and also tell us about your favourite songs in the comments area below.