Watching movies is one of the most interesting things to do. For movie freaks, it would be like underrating it, if you just call it entertainment. Because movies just don’t entertain us, but they take us to a totally different world. Watching movies in itself is a kind of experience. Sitting comfortably in a place, you can experience adventure, fantasy, love, passion, treachery and what not. 

Particularly in the modern times, when the graphics technology has become so advanced, movies can give us an experience like never before. They can take us to an alien planet, to a world of magicians, to a parallel universe and to many unimaginable places.  With all these things, some movies are just so amazing that you can’t be satisfied with experiencing them just once. So if you want to relive the scenes and stories of some of the best movies, then here’s a good youtube channel for you.

Shorter Recaps is a youtube channel that is all about amazing movies. It brings to you some of the most exciting movie scenes from the best movies ever made. You will find war and fight scenes, adventure and drama scenes, romantic and love scenes, scenes about politics and history and much more. But this channel is not just about scenes. It is in fact about reliving the movies in short. It explains to you the entire story of the movie in short along with playing some of the best scenes from them. 

So let’s relive some of the best movies with Shorter Recaps and watch some amazing videos from this channel!

This is a recap of a comedy and adventure movie, Knight And Day. A girl’s destiny crosses paths with a boy who is a secret agent. They happen to face dangers together in Boston, Austria, and Spain, where she and Roy must escape the gunfire, jump off rooftops, avoid raging animals and above all learn to trust each other. Watch the video to relive this exciting movie.

Here’s another interesting movie recap. It recaps a 2018 action and drama movie, The Outsider. The movie is about how a POW after World War 2nd deals with the hardship in Japan and turns out to lead a criminal life. Watch the video to enjoy all the action. 

This is a great youtube channel for anybody who is really passionate about movies and loves to not only watch but live the adventure. So watch these videos and share your thoughts about your favourite movies in the comments below.