We all want to do more in our lives. We all want to enjoy more, do more interesting stuff, and be happier. And in fact, this is what life is about, seeking happiness and satisfaction; isn’t it? So what is that which can provide us with true happiness and satisfaction? 

Well, for me it’s food :D. Colourful, delicious, finger-licking good food right out of the stove. To me, just the sight of delicious food is enough to release all the feel-good hormones in my body, and eating them makes my day. Yes, I am a very foodie person. The only thing that arouses the sense of excitement and adventure in me is amazing movies. The twisted stories, action-packed scenes, comedy, suspense, drama and what not. A good movie is always worth the time. However, I also like to do many other random interesting things just to make my life interesting. 

And if you have interests like me, then here’s a great youtube channel that perfectly compliments them. It has delicious food, exciting movies and other interesting stuff… all we need to live an interesting life. Let’s check it out.

Tamil Indian’s Food & Adventures (TIFA) is a youtube channel that is all about having an interesting life. They are an inspired family of three, the son, the father. and the mother. And together they cook many recipes, do many interesting and fun stuff together and share all of it with us on this youtube channel. Let’s check out some of their interesting videos.

Here’s a totally yummy, nutritious and easy to make the sandwich recipe, which is in fact really popular in the locality where they live. This recipe sells a lot on various street food corners there and in this video, they bring to you its secret recipe. Sandwich is also the most preferred food globally, due to its taste, texture of layers, and all the convenience associated with it. Watch the video to get the recipe now and make your life a bit more delicious.

But hey, recipes aren’t everything this channel is about. They have many fun-to-watch videos as well, and the attractive part for me is the movie reviews. The TIFA family is a big fan of cinema and they regularly bring to us the reviews of some of the best movies they have watched. 

Doctor Strange is a really great movie. I am generally not interested in the concept of the multiverse, so I generally avoid these movies. But after seeing the review on this channel, I decided to give it a try. And I do really like it and I think you should watch it as well. 

Overall, I think this is a really great youtube channel with many videos to keep my life tasty and interesting. So if you are interested in having fun, eating food and watching movies, just watch these videos and tell us more about your interests in the comments below.