Do you enjoy short stories? Well I do. And if you are somebody like me, you know what’s great about them – they are short! It’s like watching a movie in just 10 minutes of time. Imagine you’re tired and took a small break from work, and to have a quick mind divert, you just watch a short movie. It’s fun, interesting and always works.

Sadly there’s a difficult part to it as well. To watch them, obviously you need to find them first and find good ones. Like not all movies are good, not all short movies are good as well. But while movie reviews can be easily found on the internet, most short movies are made by small and local filmmakers, who are simply passionate about it, or are at the start of their career as a film director. Therefore it gets difficult to know beforehand, if the short movie we are going to watch is a good one. One way to know this is to follow a producer, in case you like some of his movies. This gives you some trust, that you liked some movies made by this person, so the future ones may be good as well.

The Goldna Production is a YouTube channel that produces their original short films. They produce around 1 film per week and their stories are based on a wide variety of topics including social issues like depression and suicide, moral issues like forgiveness and other varieties like comedy, pranks and much more. You will also find stories of a variety of durations ranging from 1 minutes to 20 minutes.

Some Films Form The Channel That I Enjoyed Watching

This film is based on the socio psychological issue of suicide. It deals with depression and loneliness that is gripping the people in times of covid 19. However the director has made it interesting by adding the elements of comedy in a serious story and also gives us the message of realising the value of life instead on committing suicide.

These are just just a short comedy film. There’s not much to say about it, if not to watch it. You will like it.

There are many good channels on youtube that produce good short films. And this is one of them. I won’t say that this is the best short film youtube channel, but is it certainly worth watching if you like simple stories like this. One thing that I like about this channel is that it offers a mix of comedy along with serious issues. Watch for yourself and let us know what you like about this channel in the comments section below.