Technology is ruling the world these days. The rapid progress that human civilization is making in science and technology is opening up new dimensions every day in our life. Every other day a new change in advancing technology changes the way we do things in our life. Improving the way we play and enjoy, the way we study, the way we work, and in fact every part of our life is being constantly influenced by rapidly advancing technology. And that’s why it makes sense to stay updated with what’s happening in the tech world now, because that is what is going to determine what our life is going to be like in the days to come.

But hey! It’s now just about staying updated and gaining knowledge. Technology is really fascinating as well. All the tech gadgets, whether big like a ship or small like a smartphone, are really interesting. And if you are somebody who finds technology really interesting, plus wants to stay updated about everything tech, then you’re just at the right place. Because we have found a great youtube channel for you!  

The Tech Tribe is a youtube channel that is solely dedicated to everything technology. On this channel, you will find many videos about cars, ships, mobile phones, advanced robots and AI systems, war machines, and whatnot! Everything that uses advanced technology, and has the potential to improve our life is discussed in this channel.

Here is a great video from this channel that talks about the future of batteries. Batteries are something that we use every day and in many important machines like our smartphones and cars. But with more powerful batteries, everything can change as we can use them in more places plus save fuel by depending more on electricity. Watch the video to know more. 

Plus there is some bonus content about what the big tech companies and their famous CEOs are up to, along with some interesting tech related facts about their life. 

For example, check out this really interesting video about Elon Musk and his cars. A car is a machine that has a special place in the heart of every man. But as we all know, Elon Musk’s passion for tech is at another level. Watch this video to know all about his interesting car collection.

As important and as interesting as different aspects of technologies are in our life, it’s great to have a youtube channel that brings all the important and interesting tech stuff together. So it takes care of the knowledge you need to have, and the entertainment you want plus the fantasy that you have with advanced and cool tech gadgets are also covered. Overall, it’s a great channel. So watch these videos, improve your knowledge and be tech-updated.