Bad health is actually a problem in modern life that most people face. Our modern life is filled with all kinds of disturbing elements. Our mind remains filled with the chaos of urban lifestyle, our bellies remain filled with junk food and our body stays dull due to a sedentary lifestyle. All these things have a very bad effect on our overall health. It not only makes us look fat and ill-shaped but also invites several diseases to our bodies. But how to be more healthy and fit?

Health is true wealth, and science & technology are our greatest aids to solve problems and find wonderful solutions. With the right education, science and technology, there are people who can help us find effective ways to be more healthy and fit. If you are a person looking forward to being more fit and living a healthier lifestyle, you are at the right place!

Health Fitness & Technology

Jude Chua is a health and fitness enthusiast and expert from the USA. He is a licensed massage therapist and registered nurse in the USA. He is also certified to teach several advanced fitness exercises. And in addition to these, he also has a professional diploma in Nutrition and Sports Nutrition. His passion for health and technology guides him to combine his education and experiences from various fields of his expertise and delivers to us some of the most effective health and fitness exercises and tips.

Let’s see some great videos from his youtube channel!

This is a really helpful and informative video from this channel. In this video, Jude explains to us the importance of having a right early morning routine. Our modern lifestyle treats our body with a lot of bad things throughout the day. However, beginning our day in the right way can give our bodies the needed endurance to fight all those bad things. Josh guides us on this and shares an easy and effective morning workout plan.

This is another great video from this channel in which Jude guides us on using the health tracking smartwatches. These health watches are modern devices, a piece of technology that can help us track several metrics related to our health in real time and be more informed. But much of the information shown by such watches may be technical in nature and common people may be a little confused about them. Jude guides us on what those metrics mean and how we can interpret them to improve our everyday health.

Jude Chua, with his youtube channel, is giving a lot of practical and effective tips to improve our health and be more fit. This is something that everybody needs to pay attention to because as you know, health is true wealth. So stay tuned with this channel, watch its videos and tell us how they helped you improve your health in the comments section below.