Doing exercises is a great way to stay fit and healthy. Particularly in the present times, when we spend a long amount of time sitting in front of laptops and mobile phones, and a lot of automation devices are present to help us in our daily tasks; we are required to move very little. But this is not healthy for our body. It makes us accumulate fat which makes us look bad and makes our body a home of several different diseases. The only thing that can help us avoid this is exercising regularly.

Exercising burns our extra fat, and activates our body organs by keeping it active. But while exercising, it is also very important to perform the steps right. Because if we do it wrong, it may even harm our body than doing good. It’s advisable to take guidance from a personal trainer. But if you don’t have time and resources to do that, here’s a great youtube channel which can guide you in doing exercises the right way.

Mariano Catarecha is a fitness coach cum personal trainer from Spain. He made his youtube channel to help people around the world to be more fit and healthy and have a better physique by guiding them. He has a lot of videos on his youtube channel that will help you know what is the right type of workout for you and will also help you learn the right way to do them. Apart from these, you can also find out the best ways of doing workouts at home.

So let’s watch stamina boosting videos from this channel right now!

Introducing you to an exercise that you can perform at home, thanks to this excellent video from this YouTube channel. These workouts do not necessitate any expensive equipment, and they can be performed wherever you feel comfortable. There are numerous levels, including levels 1, 2, and 3, each of which has a different number of repetitions. He provides detailed directions for each and every stage, ensuring that you do not do any incorrect actions.  Through this video, he encourages people to engage in more physical activity so that those people who have never trained before can be able to invest in their bodies.

This is another really useful video from this channel. In this video Mariano talks about the importance of the right diet in maintaining a good healthy and right physique. He shares one of his own recipes with us. Watch the video to know the recipe and take a step towards better health.

This is a great youtube channel for anybody who wants to lead a more healthy lifestyle, be more fit and look better. So watch these videos and share your thoughts with us in the comments area below.