The Internal Arts, Self Defence, Martial Art, TaiChi, Qi, and Pseudoscience, delves into the profound and awe-inspiring realm of the internal power of human beings. This captivating discipline encompasses an array of ancient techniques that harmoniously blend physical movements with mental focus, resulting in a heightened state of self-awareness and unlimited potential. Through deliberate cultivation and refinement of one’s inner energy or Qi, practitioners unlock a wellspring of extraordinary strength that resides deep within their core. And for incorporating all these human being aura and strength development elements, Joey Nishad has contributed alot.

Joey Nishad

Joey Nishad is a healthy YouTube channel where Mr. Joey Nishad showcases his experiences and skills for exploring life through Martial Arts, Internal Art, Pseudoscience, TaiChi, and many other elements of human strength. The way he shared his real life experiences is very authentic and real. This captivating concept encompasses not only physical strength but also harnesses mental and spiritual prowess, creating a harmonious fusion between mind, body, and energy. 

Joey Nishad

Nature of Videos

The videos of Joey Nishad are healthy, energetic, fitness based by nature. They are vlog based videos which also include podcast, chats show, Gym vlogs, Fitness routines, and some professional educational videos about health. Let’s check some of them-

TaiChi & Internal Arts Controversy! Resistance Training & Learning Many Systems!

Joey Nishad Presents Insights into Life through Philosophy, Martial Arts & Movement with Alex Kostic

Prepare to be enthralled as you immerse yourself in the wisdom and depth that Joey Nishad effortlessly brings forth. With a unique blend of philosophy, martial arts, and movement, this channel offers an exhilarating journey towards self-discovery and personal growth. Through his dynamic presentations, Joey Nishad artfully bridges ancient philosophies with modern-day challenges, allowing viewers to gain valuable insights into various aspects of life. Whether you are seeking guidance on sharpening your mental focus or exploring ways to enhance physical well-being, this channel is an oasis for those hungry for intellectual stimulation combined with practical application.