Do you have a thing for scientific discoveries and futuristic technologies? Are you among those people who get really excited when they hear about advanced scientific inventions? Then you are totally at the right place!

Computers were one of the most revolutionary inventions in the entire human history. Then came the Internet and then everything changed forever. Discovery of computers and the internet have catalyzed the human scientific journey and today humans are making rapid scientific progress in every area of study. Numerous genuine inventions are underway which will change the face of everything that we do. From quantum computing and artificial intelligence to nanobots and to hyperloop, there are various powerful inventions going on which will be a reality in near future. And if you want to be aware and regularly update of all such latest inventions and mind blowing technologies, then we have a perfect youtube channel for you.

Technology & Future

Techville is a youtube channel that came up in 2021. And this channel is all about the latest scientific inventions and technology news from all around the world. It is a great place to know about all the latest Tech Technology Inventions and New Gadgets from across the world and see what life will be like in the future. The channel offers you the most up-to-date technological trends including Inventions, Innovations, Gadgets, New Technology, Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Extreme Machines, Future Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Tech News, Tesla, SpaceX and much more.

Lets see some futuristic videos from this channel!

This video reveals Tesla’s covert plan of making a Tesla Bot.  Elon Musk envisions a world of the future in which humans and intelligent robots coexist and work in harmony. He demonstrated a humanoid robot that will assist humans with tedious, time-consuming chores that they dislike doing. Musk stated that it could go to the shop for you, and it could likely do any type of physical labour.

This video is about insanely astounding technology that is on a totally different  level. There are many strange and amazing technical developments out there for which the world may not yet be prepared. The technology we’re currently familiar with has opened the path for us to develop, and this list of present and future technologies has the potential to drastically alter our lives even further.

This is certainly an amazing youtube channel for anybody who is interested in science and technology. But this channel has videos that will amaze even the people who are not specifically interested in science. If you like these videos, watch them all and let us know how they amazed you in the comments section below!