There is a lot of money around the world. However, it doesn’t exist equally around the globe. Many people on earth are extremely poor; many have enough money to go by; some have a bit extra; but there are a few privileged ones who have amassed millions and billions of dollars, a very huge amount of money which is hard for many to even imagine.

We call such people millionaires and billionaires. And it’s really curious how they are able to earn such a huge amount of wealth. And there are more questions. How do they manage such a huge amount of wealth and keep it growing? How do they invest their savings and how do they spend it? In fact, an even more interesting question is what they do with so much money! Because it’s difficult to imagine for many people.

And if these are the questions that puzzle you from time to time. If you remain curious about a billionaire’s life, their methods and other must-know and interesting facts about them, then here’s a good youtube channel that you should definitely check out!

Billions is a youtube channel that provides you with the most engaging and informative videos from billionaires and rich celebrities from across the world. It brings to you their secrets, their incredible and interesting stories, their financial methods and much more.

From observing how your favourite A-list celebrity spends his millions to learning their secrets methods and interesting facts, how millionaires and billionaires make their money, facts about finance and crypto markets, to videos on mega-mansions and yachts, supercars, the lifestyles of the rich and famous, and much more, this channel has it all for you.

Let’s check out some interesting videos from this channel!

Johnny Depp gained popularity as an A-List celebrity from blockbuster movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, and with his millions, he lavishly purchased mega-mansions, private islands, and expensive sports cars like Ferraris. Rumours are that one day, Johnny Depp spent more than $800 million USD, although some sources claim that he has spent around a billion dollars! This single day lowered his total net worth to $150 million dollars. Curious about how he spent all that? Watch the video to know more.

Rolex is the first choice of rich people when it comes to watches. The reason is the excellent product quality that Rolex has maintained. Rolex watches are reliable, strong, and accurate timekeepers. Rolex watches also offer magnificent design and looks and are a fashion statement in themselves.

This is an amazing youtube channel for anybody who is interested in becoming rich and in the lifestyle of the rich. There are many educating and entertaining videos for you here, so just watch them all, work towards your goal and earn the fortune you always wanted.