Kids learning TV is one of the outstanding YouTube channels for kids. The channel provides the opportunity for parents to make learning easier and joyful for the kids. You might not teach your kid by boring traditional style effectively, but this channel can solve the problem. The videos have no background music, and you can find stuff for kids of all ages. There are several different videos available on the kids learning TV. You can download these videos and teach your kid whatever you want to

About the Kids Learning TV

First, some quick facts!

  • Music free
  • From Australia
  • Helps brain development
  • Uploads regularly
  • Unique and original content

The kids learning TV YouTube channel is music-free and brings amazing learning videos for small kids. Children can learn numbers, colors, creative games, drawing, painting, Rhymes, letters, animals, and much more. The channel owner belongs to Pakistan. The channel got created on May 13, 2018. On this channel, kids can find a variety of stuff. This channel would be the best choice for the kids who have creativity for painting and art. Amazing videos regarding the use of watercolors are there on this channel. There are rare channels that give such diverse learning opportunities for children.

The Best Videos to Watch (My favorites)

You might have seen a lot of stuff on YouTube before then; what makes this Channel unique? The thing that distinguishes this kid’s learning channel from all others is that the videos are made without music to be more shifted to learning the words. The videos are more focused on learning but also entertain your child. All the videos are worth appreciating, but the best ones I like the most are the following.

1) Kids Learning Colors with Balloons

Kids learning colors with balloons is a fascinating video for kids. Kids can very easily learn the names of colors. In the video, cylinder-shaped long balloons are filled and decorated with smiles. The good thing about this video is the colors taught, but kids can also get knowledge about the things we use in daily life. Moreover, the names of the colors are emphasized repeatedly by using creative ideas so that keeping the interest cherished the video leaves the child with solid knowledge about colors. Your child will surely learn all the colors if you let them watch this video.

2) Kids Easy Painting Step by Step, Learn Numbers, No Music Toddler Videos

Kids’ easy painting learn numbers is another video I like the most because of the great sense that has been utilized in making this video. The kids can learn numbers and also learn painting. What makes this video more amazing is the sound of children reciting the Holy Quran in the background; it is the sweet voice throughout the background. Suppose you are a Muslim and motivate your children to learn Quran and then make sure that they watch this most wonderful video. The video is special because it is multipurpose, builds creativity in child’s minds, makes them learn numbers and important Surahs of the Holy Quran.

3) Five Little Ducks Nursery Rhymes, Play Dough Ducks, Rainbow Play Dough Ducks, Learning Colors

Five little ducks Nursery Rhymes is the best to teach your kids how to play with dough and make stunning Duck models from the dough. Unlike other YouTube videos, your kid can follow the simple steps and learn to create things from the colorful dough. This video also is without music, and guidelines are provided in the background to never get bored during the learning process. All five models are made during the video, so the kids can remember the process and follow it conveniently after watching the video. In the end, the nursery rhyme, five little ducks is sung by a child in a very sweet voice. If a child loves playing with dough, this is the best video to teach them how to use the dough for making different objects.