Do you love LEGO? Well I’m sure your children do. And my children love it too. Because it’s such a thing after all. You can play with other toys, but LEGO and the likes give you the satisfaction of being able to build the toy yourself and then play; and then dismantle it again and then build again :D. So much fun! But LEGO is never too easy for children. They invariably happen to need our help and involve us in with themselves. 

Obviously, the channel we are going to discuss today is about LEGO and other similar block games. It helps us to know a lot about these games before buying so that we can make better decisions. But this channel is about a lot of other things as well. Let’s find out.

Baby Cookie is a youtube channel that is all about the love of LEGO. Or you may call it passion. This sweet girl has a huge collection of LEGO and Loz Bricks, and she loves to constantly update her collection as soon as a new product is released by the companies. She has deep knowledge of these products and has been available on youtube since 2016 to share her knowledge and passion with us and at the same time play and have fun with us. 

Why To Watch Her Videos

If you are a fan of LEGO type games, or are simply planning to buy one, you should watch her videos. Let’s have a look at some of her videos.

This is one of her unboxing videos in which she closely shows us all the parts of the game and does a detailed review. She tells us about all the goods and bads of the game and informs us about the best prices and discount offers available on the game at the time and where to buy. 

This is one of her brick builder videos in which she shows us all the parts of the game closely and builds the entire block in front of us. It is really interesting to watch as she shares the fun of LEGO building with us and explains the entire process. In these videos, she also reviews the game in more detail, with regard to its parts and building experience. As we can see all the parts in detail and also the entire building process and the complete set as well, it helps greatly in deciding which one to buy as we can easily decide if we like the present game or not.

Final Words

Her videos are sure to entice any LEGO lover and are a must watch for them. Children would in fact love to play along with her. So watch these videos and let me know how you found them in the comments below.