When it comes to movies, tv shows or videos, animated shows are really popular among the public. That’s because animated shows are totally different, fun to watch and entertaining. Animation allows us to create tales and transmit emotions and ideas in a unique, simple-to-understand manner that both young children and adults can comprehend. Animation has allowed people all across the world to communicate in ways that writing and live-action films haven’t always been able to. It’s often been used to tell heartwarming stories that entertain you while also making you think and realize important topics.

Unlike live action movies, Animation allows directors to be very creative and show whatever there is in their imagination to the people. In a world where most people are bored with their daily routine lives, animation offers them a fresh take on the world, where things are different, interesting and funny. And if you want to see such interesting light hearted stories, then we have found a great youtube channel for you!

FamilyTreeEntertainment is a youtube channel by a fun loving family of seven people living together with love. They enjoy watching as well as making new animated stories and that’s why they made this youtube channel to share a lot of fun learning videos for your kids. All their videos are in the form of interesting animated stories that will entertain your kids while educating them about important things and values at the same time. 

Let’s check out some amazing videos from their channel!

This is a really interesting video from this channel which is the first of their very own cartoon series: The Marco’s World. The main character, as you would have guessed, is Marco, a great kid who lives happily with his family and has big dreams. The series is about the adventures that he goes through while trying to make his dreams come true. It is a light hearted cartoon series for your kids which is going to keep them entertained while also teaching them a lot of family values and life values at the same time.

Here’s another interesting video from this channel. If you have watched the Marco’s World episodes, then you know that he loves to sing a lot of songs, and this time he sings a song about what he just learned in school. It’s about the english alphabet which he found hard to remember but with this song it became really easy for him. 

The best way for any kid to learn new things and good behaviour is by learning unconsciously while playing or doing something interesting. And this is what this channel is about. So if you have kids, just let them watch these videos, they are sure going to love it plus learn a lot of things as well. Bonus tip: you can watch these videos as well, because accept it or not, many adults enjoy cartoons!