People around the world like handmade products. They have the intricacy and grace that no machine made product can ever match. But not only this, hand knitting is one of the most fantastic hobbies that people of any age enjoy doing every day. Apart from the fact that it is a really enjoyable activity, it also provides other advantages that are not often known. It has been shown to improve literacy, stimulate the intellect, reduce stress, and many other health benefits. 

The feeling of completing a project yourself is immense. And the satisfaction that you derive by seeing your family members love using your hand made stuff is deep. So if you are the one who likes hand knitting stuff, we have found a perfect youtube channel for you.

Back to Handmade is a youtube channel By Fotini, and it is passionately dedicated to hand knitting. Fotining loves to indulge in creative activities in her life and she thinks hand knitting is one of the most amazing ways to bring out your creative side. In this channel, you will find videos on knitting crochet and needle patterns, videos on embroidery work, weaving, and many other amazing hand knitted DIY projects that you will love to explore and make for yourself.

Apart from these, on this channel, you can also find videos sharing tips for easier everyday life, philosophy, humour, stories, product reviews, and so much more! So let’s stop talking and see for ourselves some amazing videos from this channel.

This is a really amazing video from this channel. In this channel, Fotini shows us many beautiful hand-knitted stuff that she made herself over time. These ornaments are absolutely amazing and lovely and give us an idea of what amazing stuff we can find on this channel.

This is another video from this channel in which Fotini shares with us a simple and detailed tutorial to make a magnificent hat with your own fingertips. It is beautiful and is perfect for giving gifts to someone you love. For those who do not know how to knit, this pattern is simple to follow. This video also has suggestions for the particular sort of yarn used and throughout the video, there are detailed instructions and additional written notes that will help you easily learn the process.

This is an absolutely fantastic youtube channel for anybody who loves kand-knitting or wants to learn it. If you are this type of person, must watch these videos and don’t forget to tell us about your experience by writing in the comments area below.