Life is short. Let’s not waste it. We should enjoy it and experience it as much as we can. And do you know a great way of experiencing things? It is doing things ourselves. Doing things ourselves is always exciting and satisfying as well. In today’s world of science and technology, there are always a lot of people with skills and a lot of technology available around us, to help us with almost everything we need to do in our life. People are always so busy that they love to get some help with their work and not do it themselves. But do you realise that this is just like spending our lives and not like living it. 

Living our life is about going slowly and not running with it. It is about experiencing things ourselves and appreciating the way things are and learning from them. Doing things ourselves is a great way to live our lives. It gives us satisfaction and happiness of accomplishing something even if it is a small accomplishment. It also allows us to learn many new things ourselves. If you are among those persons who like to do things themselves, we have a great YouTube channel for you.

Amazing DIY videos

DIY Beginner is a youtube channel by an average guy like you and me, who likes to try and do new things and enjoy the process. He is not an expert in anything, but he just loves to try them out.  He makes many videos on youtube to show people how doing things yourself can be fun and enriching as well. Doing things help him increase his knowledge in areas that interest him. The main areas that he makes videos on are Car Repair, Electronics/Mechanical Devices, Personal Computer, House Maintenance, Typical Life Stuff, much more. Let’s enjoy this DIY journey by watching some amazing videos from his channel!

This is an exciting video from his channel in which he tries to repair his car on his own. Repairing a car is not an easy task and requires an understanding of the functions of several mechanical parts and how they are put together to be functional. However, doing it yourself surely gives you more knowledge and will also improve your mechanical skills over time. It also feels like a great accomplishment to be able to repair your car yourself.

This is another great video from his channel in which he makes a plan to lose weight on his own and shows us how he does it day by day. Obesity is a big problem that a lot of people around the world face. While every buddy wants to get rid of their excess fat, not everybody actually takes any action to do it. Many people in fact make expensive plans,  but they don’t follow them properly.  A better way to do it however is to try it yourself. Do some research, make your own plan, and then do what you have planned. Doing something is more important than planning it.

This channel is filled with many great DIY videos that will encourage you to do things yourself and live a little more in your life than just spending it. If you like these videos, do subscribe to this channel and let us know what you think about them in the comments section below.