In present times, we live our lives surrounded by electrical tools and appliances on all sides. There are lights everywhere, there are wirings, switchboards, circuits, there are mobile phones and towers, there are TVs and surveillance cameras, there are motors and engines, and so much more. They are all around us, affecting our lives all the time. The present world is totally dependent on electricity and therefore having basic knowledge about all of them is not anymore an electrician’s thing. We all need to have some basic knowledge about the working of these devices. And this doesn’t have to be boring and nerdy at all. There are interesting ways as well

For all those who are looking forward to having basic knowledge of the world of electrical tools, fittings and appliances, we have found a great youtube channel that puts it all in a very interesting manner!

HDS Electrical is a youtube channel by Howard. He has been a professional electrician for quite some time now and he is an interesting person as well. Using both of his qualities, he has made this sparky vlog for us in which he shares interesting facts and knowledge about electricals, his favourite tools, some of his on the job experiences, as well as other life lessons on operating a business, mental health. You also get to see the latest smart or hive homes, smart bathrooms, lighting and video doorbells control panels, installations, EV charge points, reviews about various tools and much more!

Let’s see some interesting videos from this channel!

A blown fuse is the most common issue that we all face in our day to day life. This video is a practical guide that will help you deal with this most common electrical problem yourself. And all that is explained in a very easy and step by step process.

In this interesting video, Howard reveals to us some of the most common tools that an electrician uses while working. He tells us about their uses and some interesting facts about them. 

If you are a sparky person interested in the latest electric tools, belts or electrical material. If I want to be an electrician or an apprentice. Or if you ever wondered what it would be like to spend a day as an electrician. Or if you just want to get some basic electrical knowledge along with some entertainment. Then this channel cum vlog is definitely a good place for you. So go check it out and drop some comments about what you think about the videos.