Are you a big fan of racing and particularly of formula one championships? Do you love to follow all the important events associated with formula one closely? If you are, then we are the same bro! But not too same bytheway. I like formula one races, and other races too. But I, unlike huge fans, don’t follow every small news associated with it. Because I have a lot of other things to do in my life as well. But I still love to follow just the important news and events associated with formula one every now and then and keep myself updated. Sometimes I watch the races keenly, other times I may not. Sometimes I also get totally absorbed in the F1 games, but not always. Maybe I am not a ‘huge fan’, but definitely a ‘fan.’ And I believe that there would be many like me.

Today I will discuss a channel which is perfect for people who are like me. Not huge but still a fan. There may be a lot of channels out there for huge fans, which upload videos on every small news and event related to racing. But for people who are like normal fans, they need a channel that makes videos on only the important events. And that’s what this channel is all about.

Driven is a youtube channel that brings to you everything that’s important and interesting about the formula one races. Recent updates, latest news, event calendars, infographics, gameplays, new car launches, and more; you will find them all here. This channel has a good combination of short and long videos to suit our varying time availability. 

Let’s look at some of the videos from this channel.

This one is a news video from this channel. It talks about the impacts of coronavirus on the upcoming formula one championships and discusses their chance of being postponed, what are the reasons and what the racers say. What I like about this video is that it wastes no time in useless stuff and inspite of giving so much information, it completes within 2 minutes.

The next video shares a gameplay of the official F1 2019 Australian GP. This video takes us to the adrenaline pumping journey of F1 races through their official games. These games are really well designed and every small detail has been taken care of to make them feel almost like a real race. Watch the video and experience it for yourself.

It is a new channel and has few videos as of now. But the type of content it offers is just the what I wanted. If you also want such type of content, then do go and check the channel now and watch if you like it. Also don’t forget to share what you think about the channel in the comments below.