There are many people in the world to whom a car is everything. They love their car like a passionate lover and have something for all the cars in the world ever made. To such people a car is the most beautiful thing ever made and they cherish its beauty like nothing else. Their enthusiasm for cars is understandable. Because cars are indeed one of the most exciting creations of mankind that pack speed, thrill, adventure and beauty all in one package. And that’s why everybody loves cars. Even the people who are not too passionate about them, can’t deny that sometimes they get too excited about cars.

So whether you are a passionate car lover, or just a normal guy who sometimes gets excited about cars, there is a perfect channel for you that will certainly get the adrenaline rushing through your veins.

Gasoline Addiction is a youtube channel that is all about automobiles, their beauty, their technology, their action and adventure and everything about them. You will discover all types of car-related video collections here. Street racing, exotic car spotting, vehicle accidents, car tuning, and much more. 

Have a look at some exciting videos from the channel!

This video takes you through an amazing ride of cars customized to an extreme degree. There is a lot of effort and money that goes in when you get a car customized to make it look better and exciting. But not every customization results in something great. Watch the video to find out whether all the efforts and money put into customization actually made those cars look great or everything was in vain.

This another video drives you through some of the most powerful engines ever made that roar like a beast and makes their cars rush through the streets. However not every car comes with a powerful engine and that fuels the thirst of their car owners for more speed and adventure. While many people simply start saving more money to buy a more powerful beast for themselves, there are a few insane people who opt for extreme customizations. And here in this video, you will see some of the most insane engine swaps that have ever happened.

These videos are just amazing and are a must watch for any automobile enthusiast. So watch the above videos and if they cause a pump of adrenaline through your body, then don’t forget to subscribe to this channel and watch all its videos. Also let us know about how these videos made you feel by writing in the comments section below.