There’s a new craze with fake face swap. People are using AI to create fake faces and then swapping them with other people’s faces. The results are often hilarious, but sometimes they can be convincing enough to fool people. This trend is only getting more popular, as people are finding new and creative ways to use AI to create fake faces.

AI is not a joke in today’s era, as the innovation has crossed the bar. People are designing every possible use of Artificial intelligence as a great solution to a new problem. Fake face swapping is one of the cute and funny examples of AI. If you want to know more about this new application of AI, check out this crazy YouTube channel:

Fake Faces Laboratory

Fake Faces Laboratory is a tech-based YouTube channel where you will find funny yet useful videos about AI based Fake Faces technology. Here you can know about what will be the result if we swap one’s face with another person’s face. 

The admin is trying to present this technology in a funny way by swapping faces with celebrities and popular personalities. 

Nature of Videos

The videos of this unique YouTube channel are informative as well as entertaining. The new funny version of AI, presents a unique identity of technology in a very easy manner. Check out some of the funny yet informative videos of Fake Faces Laboratory:

Will Smith before the Oscars as #Mayweather

DIs you imagine Putin as Rambo

Concerns have been raised that this development could have unintended repercussions, such as making people more accustomed to the presence of fabricated identities. If people are constantly exposed to CGI characters, they risk losing their capacity for compassion.

Some people view this fad as harmless entertainment, while others see it as a potential artistic medium. So, check out this unique Fake Face technology in new funny manner through Fake Faces Laboratory.

Bottom Line

AI has changed the world. The innovations and solutions to various unaddressed problems is the forte of this gift of technology. Feel the funny side of AI through Fake Faces Laboratory.