The modern world is full of stress and anxiety. All the time we have a lot going on in our minds. Some are suffering from poverty, some are dealing with loneliness, some want to achieve big things in life, and yet some have too much work to do that all they seek is some free time. Today we are racing for our lives and missing to live it. What we need is to calm our minds. We need to embrace positivity and look at everything good that the world has already endowed all of us with. We need to feel some gratitude, be happy and spread happiness among others. Meditation can help us in all of this!

If you are the one, who is looking to start your journey to become a better, calmer and happier person, then you are in the right place. This youtube channel is a good place to start your journey. 

Positivity Through Meditation

Blog With Su is a space for you to find ways to relax. This channel is by Su, who has been battling symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, migraines, and depression. She made this youtube channel to share her experiences with us that can help us calm our minds, let go of negativity and be a better and happier person. In this channel, you will find some good meditation guides and music to help you relax and meditate. Let’s see some of those good videos right now!

This video takes you through some easy tips to help you start your journey of meditation. Mediation can be a little difficult for beginners. In the modern world, our mind is filled with a lot of noise and therefore to bring it to a calm state may be a little difficult for beginners. Some quick tips like these will help you take your first steps towards attaining a calm state. Then keep practising meditation daily and you will get a little better at it daily!

This is another beautiful video from this channel. It takes you on a soothing journey of rainforests, where you can listen to the natural sounds of rain falling on leaves, trees and on the ground. The sounds of nature are very relaxing to our minds. Today our minds remain filled with the chaos of urban lifestyle. Being close to nature, seeing or even listening to nature can help your mind relax deeply and even help heal mental ailments.

Blog with Su is a great channel to enrich your soul with positivity and serenity. This channel is also a beginner on youtube just like you are in your meditation journey, but it already has some pretty good videos to get you started and a lot more is coming. So let’s stay tuned to this channel and together make our lives better and beautiful.