Within stillness lies everything. It is the silent space from which all things arise and to which they all return. In stillness, we are connected to the infinite well of being that is the source of all creation.

From this place of stillness, we can access our own inner wisdom and power. We can connect with the higher intelligence that knows our true nature and purpose. We can align with the flow of life and tap into our creative potential. If you want to know the power of Stillness check out this unique YouTube channel-


Quest4Stillness is a creative YouTube channel where you can get to calm yourself through peaceful meditation music. This channel is inspired by nature and natural resources for meditation. From spiritual meditation to natural meditation, you can get to know about a variety of meditation videos. The purpose of the channel is to help you calm your mind.

Nature of Videos

Videos of this meditation channel are calm, musical, natural, peaceful, and lovely. In this modern time, everybody needs to calm themselves in this stressful world. Quest4Stillness is a great source of meditation. Let’s check some of them-

Calming Waterfall Sounds with flying Butterflies, Birds Singing & Chirping helps you to SLEEP better

Feels like lost in the Jungle-Birds Song

From within the stillness, we can see things more clearly and make better decisions. We can find answers to our questions and solve problems more effectively. We can also become more creative and open to new possibilities.

Stillness is a powerful tool that we can use to improve our lives in many ways. So next time you find yourself feeling stressed or overwhelmed, take some time to relax into the stillness within you. You may be surprised at what you discover.



Meditation is the need of the current era. The fast moving life of humans leads them towards life full of stress, tension, and anxiety. Quest4Stillness is here to help us in getting rid of stressful life through natural meditation.