When you are experiencing anything terrifying, such as a scary book, movie, or show, your heart rate increases in the given instant. The majority of the time, though, you can go to sleep at night secure in the knowledge that everything you saw was an elaborate fabrication designed to give you the creeps. But what will you do if something like that happens in real life? When things in the real world start to get eerie, that’s when it’s the real time for you to get afraid of the dark. 

Paranormal experiences are not just fantasies, but they are real. Many people around the world have had such experiences. Once in a while, a  tale of a terrible disappearance, a demonic possession, or demon worship will also find its way into the local newspaper rather than a pulpy old paperback novel. And if you have a curiosity of knowing about such dark incidents, then here is a youtube channel that you should definitely check out!

Becoming the dark is a youtube channel that brings to you several eerie VHS tape recordings. Over the course of the past year, more than twenty VHS tapes have been discovered at various rest areas located around the Midwest. These VHS tapes are labelled number one through number 20 and so on, and contain eerie and disturbing scenes and voices. It appears that all of these VHS tapes are connected, and they all contain graphic content.

Here’s a video that contains the tapes labelled 1 to 3

There is no evidence to suggest that the VHS cassettes are either legitimate or faked at this time. This channel simply converts the footage and posts it on this channel as long as the authorities continue to release and permit these VHS cassettes for public viewing. All of the VHS recordings have been edited to make it appear as though the subjects’ faces have been obscured or otherwise changed in order to protect their anonymity.

Here is the videotape footage of the third victim in the classified case investigation known as becoming the dark.

This is one of those youtube channels that brings you the truth, the entertainment and scares you at the same time. These tapes have some of the most disconcerting content you will ever see. So if you have an interest in these kinds of videos, then don’t forget to check out this channel and watch all these videos.