Hamsters are one of the most amazing pets to take home. We are all fascinated by hamsters, whether we are at age ten or seventy. Hamsters are really cute animals. They have the most gorgeous face with big eyes and a button nose that says, “Let’s have some fun.”  They typically remain happy with some food, some water, a few toys, and a place to run. These tiny animals also like to look after themselves. They’ll be continually grooming themselves every now and then.

However, if you know just this much about Hamsters, then you have actually underestimated them. That’s why this youtube channel is here to show you the true potential of a Hamster!

Hamsters are quite active animals. They sprint crazily around their workout wheels. They also enjoy venturing. They push or crawl around an exercise ball that you have placed in their hamster cage. They can still be active even when they are not running. They can be shoving it into their cheek pouches or munching on a food treat. But that is just their daily life. If you train a hamster and allow it to bring out its full potential, this cute rodent can do a lot more.

HamsteriousJapan is a youtube channel that brings out the adventurous side of Hamsters in front of all of us. They have many cute and brave hamsters who challenge themselves regularly. They break through prisons, find secret treasures, travel through space, escape the zombies and do a lot more exciting stuff!

Don’t believe what we say? No worries. See these videos for yourself and know for yourself what these brave hamsters are capable of. 

What would you do if a zombie apocalypse took over? Would you run, would you hide due to fear, or would you fight? We don’t know what we will do, but these hamsters are brave. And they know how to find their way through everything. Watch this amazing video as this cute but clever hamster escapes the zombies in search of a safe life.

Here’s another interesting video from this channel. If a hamster is hungry, he will do everything he has to do to find his food. He is not going to sit praying to god to give him food. He will do his own hard work, dodge obstacles and search in every nook and corner until he gets the food he deserves!

This is really an incredibly fun and entertaining youtube channel with videos that we will all love to see. Watch these amazing videos, have fun with adventurous Hamsters, and share your experience with us in the comments area below.