Do you crave adventure in your life? Do you ever imagine yourself going on quests, gaining more knowledge and power, beating enemies and rising to the power? These are the things that most people imagine sometimes. But it’s not possible for everybody to have a life like this. Most people on earth live a very normal life, nothing too adventurous or exciting. And this is what attracts people towards games!

Modern PC games have become much more advanced with the development of technology. In fact, today it would be an understatement to call them just a game, they are instead an experience. You can use deadly weapons to kill all the enemy, cross a forest full of deadly creatures and find your way out while fighting them, you can rise to power and become a king and in fact what not. Combine such story lines with advanced graphics and real life physics imitation, online multiplayer and many more amazing features, and what you get is a very real life like experience.

And if you want to get such an experience, and if you have a passion for adventure games, then we have just found a great youtube channel for you!

Game Starr T.O.P. is a youtube channel that is all about gaming and it’s made for those who are passionate gamers. The Game Star himself is really passionate about games and plays a lot of adventure games like Horizon Far West, Elden Ring, GTA and many more. In this channel, you will find many amazing gameplay videos that show the best and the most exciting moments of these games, and many more types of exciting videos.

So let’s join the adventures and see some amazing videos from this channel right now!

This is a gameplay video of Horizon Far West where you will discover new territories and clans as you travel to the distant future in a post-apocalyptic world and you will have to fight larger and more majestic machines.

In this video, the Game Star plays the Eledn King. This is among the most ruthless and adventurous games you will ever play where you will have to fight many enemies and find your way towards kingship. Watch the video to feel the adventure and learn some strategies.

But this channel is not just about gameplays. As we said above, this channel brings many more types of exciting gaming videos. Here you can find many walkthrough videos that introduce you to exciting new games, any updated features added to them, how to play a game and everything else. Along with this, you will also find strategy videos, videos for PC games and PlayStation games, and much more. 

For any game lover, this channel has a lot of exciting content. So watch these videos, have some adventure and also share your experience with us in the comments below.