Here is a YouTube channel that delivers entertainment in a rather different way. I found this channel while I was browsing YouTube to idle away some time and after watching only the first few videos, I decided that this channel definitely needs to be shared with you people. Ask me two words to describe this channel – Awkwardly Hilarious!

There are times when you literally have nothing to do. You think about a thousand things that you can do but nothing simply feels interesting or motivating enough. You feel bored to death. At last you just choose to settle comfortably on your couch with your smartphone in your hand and start scrolling. And to add some excitement to these moments of our lives, let’s check out this interesting new channel.

The Weekly Show is all about all kinds of interesting short (sometimes long) videos. These include reviews, reactions, challenges, news, and various other videos based on totally random topics, but with one objective of entertaining you. The man behind these videos has a great sense of humour with a creative mind, which coupled with his awkward way of doing things add a comic hue to every video he makes. He also appears quite talented as he makes all his videos himself and also plays different roles in his videos himself, which is also interesting to see. 

Some Cool Videos From The Channel

It’s time to share with you some videos from this channel that i really enjoyed. The channel has a mix of short and long videos that range from a few seconds to 10 minutes. I watched some short videos as I had little time and the presence of short videos is another thing that I really like about this channel. This makes it not only about idling away time, but if you just want to divert and relax your mind by taking a short break from work, watching these videos can be a great option. Well let’s finally come to videos.

These videos show us the creativity of the artist along with his knack of making just the type of videos that brings out our inner mischievous and playful self and makes us feel like a kid again. For those few seconds, his videos help to forget about tensions of our daily life and focus on something that makes no sense at all, but still entertains and relaxes our minds. Checkout this channel for yourself and let me know what you think about these videos in the comments section below.